Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation or appointment?

For all reservations and appointments, please call the office on (419) 423-4695.

What are your vaccination requirements?
We require all dogs for lodging, daycare and training to be up to date on Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Leptospirosis and K9 Influenza. For Grooming we require a up to date Rabies.

It is highly recommended that your dog be up to date on flea/tick prevention. Starting July 1st, 2024, it will be required and we will need proof of purchase.

Does CJ's allow tours of the facility?

Yes! All you need to do is call our office to set up an appointment. Tours are available anytime between 9AM-3PM, Monday – Friday and for select times during the weekend.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we accept credit card payments. Please note there is 4% convenience fee for processing a credit card payment.

How do I enroll my pup in daycare?

Our customers have the option to either pick up the required paperwork from our office or print it from our website. These forms include the Off-Leash Play Application and Vet Release. Additionally, you will need to provide the daycare with updated copies of your dog’s vaccination records. Required vaccines include: Rabies, Bordetella, K9 Influenz and Distemper Combo.  Once all of the paperwork is received, an Evaluation Day can be scheduled for you pup to see if daycare is a good fit for them!

How do daycare evaluations work?
A daycare evaluation is a test to ensure that daycare is the right fit for your dog. After the evaluation is scheduled, we ask that the pup arrive between 6:30-7AM in the morning, and stay until at least 3-5PM. Please note that the puppy parents do not stay with their pup during this time. During the evaluation, your pup is gradually introduced to the rest of the daycare pack. Our highly trained employees will pay attention to his/her temperament with other dogs, anxiety levels, playstyles, and overall comfort and happiness. By the end of the day, our staff should be able to determine if daycare is a good fit for your pup! Once accepted, your pup has the freedom to attend daycare anytime Monday-Friday.
What do my dogs get to do while at daycare?

On top of group play, each staff member is trained to perform different leadership activities while your fur baby is in our care. Some of the leadership activities include: group sit, follow the leader, bubbles, recall, and gate boundary. These mind-stimulating activities assist in obedience practice. CJ’s Canine Country Club also ensures that your pup gets adequate rest time throughout the day to prevent exhaustion.

How are the dogs kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer?

During the winter months, the back of the house is heated. The staff also regulates the amount of time the dogs spend outside so they do not get too cold. During the summer months, outside time is also regulated if temperatures are too high for comfort. Soon, we will have “swamp fans” installed, which decrease the inside temperature by 26 degrees, for added comfort. During the winter and summer months alike, we will close if temperatures are unsafe for your pups.

What is the difference between classic daycare and Concierge Enrichment Daycare?

When in classic daycare, your pup can expect to be in an inside/outside, larger group setting, all while interacting with multiple staff members who will be supervising and performing leadership activities. With Concierge Enrichment Daycare, your pup will be in a smaller group setting or one on one with a single staff member. They will be enjoying mentally stimulating activities, such as puzzles, agility, bubbles, laser chase, basic obedience commands, and many more creative activities. Concierge Enrichment Daycare pups will also have outside playtime.

How do I decide whether Concierge Enrichment Daycare is ideal for my dog?

Concierge Enrichment Daycare is recommended if the puppy parents would like their dogs to have more one-on-one time with our staff, or if they would like to have their pups perform more mentally stimulating activities. It also allows your pup to play with other pups in smaller playgroups when applicable. Concierge Enrichment Daycare is also recommended for dogs who are not a great fit for the regular daycare floor. For example, if your dog is aggressive toward other animals or highly anxious on the daycare floor.

Is there an extra charge for daycare during Overnight Lodging stay?
Yes, there are many choices of Activity packages to choose from that fit your dogs normal play at home.
What does my dog’s day look like if they are not in daycare while lodging?

You will be picking out an activity package for your pup each day they stay.

What is the amount of time considered for a full day vs. a half day of daycare?

A full day of daycare is 5 or more hours, and a half day of daycare is anything under 5 hours at a time.

What time must all daycare dogs be in by?

All daycare dogs must be here by 11am


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