Quality Dog Daycare

Come Play with Us!

Whether you’re at work, running errands, or busy around the house, dog daycare at CJ’s is the perfect place for your pup. Drop them off for a day of supervised fun and play in our spacious indoor & outdoor play yards. We offer a variety of daycare programs to suit most any pup’s personality!


See what all the bark’s about! Join the fun and the first day is free!

Reservation required. Free Day of Play subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers. Daycare discount applies to first-time daycare customers only.

The Perfect Doggie Day Out

What makes daycare at CJ’s so special? The short answer is FUN. After you drop off your pet for the day, here’s everything they’ll enjoy at CJ’s Canine Country Club.

  • 1,000 square feet of turf-covered outdoor play space
  • Tons of fun playground equipment to explore
  • 5 climate-controlled indoor play areas
  • Group and personal play options
  • Splash pools to stay cool on warm days!
  • A private bedroom to rest and recharge

Daycare Play Options

At CJ’s, we appreciate that each dog has their own preferences and personality. We offer multiple play options to ensure a fun experience for all!

Social Daycare

Our social daycare is the perfect place for friendly pups to get together for a group play date. Playing with other pups satisfies a dog’s “pack” nature and gives them an outlet for their inherent social cravings. We choose the best playmates for each dog based on their size, energy level, and age and supervise 100% of the time. There’s no safer place for dogs to play together than our secure, supervised doggie daycare.

Concierge Daycare

Our Concierge Daycare program is a one-on-one daycare option that allows for a more customized approach to your dog’s day at CJ’s. More than just an energy outlet, Concierge Daycare is a place where dogs learn, become more confident, and have real life skills reinforced in a positive way. Concierge Daycare is one-on-one with a caregiver, so each dog gets undivided attention playing structured games and exercises like nose-work, obedience cue practice, brain puzzles, and more. This program is a combination of physical exercise, social play, and mental enrichment to offer an important balance of activities.

Why Choose CJ’s Canine Country Club for Dog Daycare?

Expert Care.

Our owner is a former veterinary technician and dog trainer with well-loved dogs of her own. She maintains incredibly high safety standards, including certification in pet first aid and CPR for all our staff.

Trained by Industry Leaders.

All our staff has receive specialized training from Dog Handler Academy and the Overdog Daycare Handling & Behavior program. We’ve also been mentored by The Dog Gurus, Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs, foremost experts in the dog daycare industry. Our program was designed and tested with their guidance.

Social Play Safety.

Before joining group daycare, all pups undergo a comprehensive observation process to ensure social play is a good fit. Pups are separated into groups based on personality, size, and age to ensure a comfortable play experience for everyone!

Vaccination Requirements.

Enjoy better peace of mind knowing your dog will only be playing with vaccinated playmates. We require proof of vaccination for rabies, distemper (DHLPP), Bordetella, and canine influenza.

The Benefits of Dog Daycare

Dog daycare provides the perfect mix of mental and physical stimulation in a safe, supervised place. Here are some of the important ways your pet can benefit from daycare at CJ’s:

  • Strong social skills are critical to a dog’s confidence and overall wellbeing. At our dog daycare, your dog will satisfy their natural “pack” instinct while exercising their social skills with dogs and people.
  • Dogs need both mental and physical engagement to be happy. Is your furry loved one bored or lonely while you’re at work or out for the day? Doggie daycare might be the perfect solution.
  • When left alone, dogs can develop boredom-driven behaviors like chewing your furniture, barking all day, and digging up the yard. Daycare gives dogs a healthy place to channel their energy and help prevent these habits.

Dog Daycare FAQ

What vaccinations are required for daycare?

To keep our daycare guests safe and healthy, we require all dogs be up to date on vaccinations for rabies, distemper combo, Bordetella, and canine influenza.

Do you require reservations for daycare?

Your dog’s safety is most important to us. We maintain the best level of staffing every day, keeping our group sizes down and supervision top notch. Therefore, we require reservations so we can plan accordingly.

Can I come in for a tour?
Yes! All you need to do is call our office to set up an appointment. Tours are available anytime between 9AM-3PM, Monday – Friday and for select times during the weekend.
What will my dog be doing at daycare?

The short answer is—whatever makes them happy! We provide a safe place, fun toys, and room to roam, and the dogs choose what to do next. Whether it’s romp across the yard, explore the playground, splash in the pool or nap in the sun, daycare at CJ’s is where dogs rule—with watchful supervision, of course.

Do you offer daycare packages?

Yes! Daycare provides the most benefits when dogs visit on a regular (multiple visits per week) basis. We offer discounted daycare packages so your dog can make the most out of daycare while you enjoy the savings.

“Our dogs love to go to daycare at CJ’s. We love the staff. Everyone is so nice. We have been taking our puppy to CJ’s since he was 8 weeks old.”

Helen M.