Professional Dog Training in Findlay, OH

Bring the Best out of Your Dog with Training

Does your dog pull on the leash? Jump on visitors? Do they ignore you when you call?

Our customized dog training programs help dogs realize their best potential. Led by certified trainers, training at CJ’s Canine Country Club helps dogs develop their skills in a comprehensible, rewarding way using positive reinforcement.


Positive & Proven Dog Training Programs

Obedience Classes

Join our Certified Trainers for a 6-week course that is designed to help your dog with their obedience cues and strengthen your bond with your furry pal. Spots fill up fast – it is a small, intimate class.

Classes take place on Mondays and Wednesdays: 7pm – 8pm

Stay & Train

The Stay & Train dog training program at CJ’s Canine Country Club is an all-inclusive learn and play experience that’s as fun as it is educational. While your pup enjoys all the amenities of our dog resort, they’ll receive daily training sessions and much more. Here’s what’s included:

  • A private, climate-controlled room with the comforts of home
  • Multiple daily training sessions built around your pet’s unique goals & challenges
  • Daily playtimes, either with the playgroup or one-on-one with a caregiver
  • Take-home resources and exercises
  • Ongoing phone and email support to ensure lasting success for your dog

This is our most popular and effective training program.

Puppy Socialization

Congratulations on your new furry family member! Starting socialization early is a critical part of helping a puppy develop into a well-rounded adult dog. Our Puppy Social program introduces young pups to other dogs and humans in a safe, structured way to help them learn social skills and develop into their best selves.

What Dogs Benefit from Training?

Dogs of all breeds and ages make perfect students at CJ’s Canine Country Club. It’s never too late to start training! Our certified trainers have the experience and knowledge to help your pup develop into the best family member possible.

We’ve helped countless pets with:

  • Obedience
  • Challenging behaviors, such as leash pulling and jumping
  • Social skills with dogs and people
  • Impulse control
  • Good home manners

Dog Training FAQ

What vaccinations are required for training?

To keep our guests safe and healthy, we require all dogs be up to date on their vaccinations for rabies, distemper combo, Bordetella, and canine influenza.

How do I book my training evaluation?

Call us at (419) 423-4695 to speak with one of our team members and get your training evaluation booked.

What happens during the training evaluation?

You’ll meet one-on-one with a member of our professional training team to discuss your goals, challenges, and experiences. We’ll explain our processes, tell you about our programs and facility, and help determine the best training approach for your situation. This meeting is also the first step in developing your pet’s customized training program.

What can you teach my dog?

Our trainers specialize in helping your dog become the best family member possible. We do this by training the most important obedience cues, such as sit, stay, come when called, and leave it. We also work on leash skills, social skills, and home manners.

Can you work on a specific goal with my dog?

We’ve worked with dogs of all breeds, ages, and challenges, so we may be able to help with a particular challenge. When you come in for your free training evaluation, we’ll discuss how we can help.

Is my dog too old to benefit from training?

Never. It may require extra persistence, but dogs of any age can learn from good training.

Can you work on my dog’s social skills?

Yes! Social skills are so important to developing a well-rounded dog. While we aren’t equipped to handle cases of aggression, many of our programs have a social element so your dog can exercise his or her social skills with easygoing, friendly pups. For the young ones, we offer complementary puppy socialization to get them started off on the right paw.

“Our puppy training class was great and the trainer fantastic! Arlo gets so excited to play with his buddies and his behavior is so much calmer after a day with his friends!”

Shari C.